After the flurry of viruses that haunted 2001, 2002 was amazingly quiet. Unfortunately, 2003 took off again. January saw the […]

It’s the ultimate nightmare for a computer user—the idea that someone outside the computer can take over. The official “technical” […]

You’re surfing the Web, enjoying a quiet afternoon, when a window pops up on the screen. “New Windows Antivirus Update […]

Imagine a program that watches your computer. It sits in memory, watching everything the computer does–the websites it displays, the […]

On April 26, 1999, systems around the world began dying. Something was both damaging information on hard drives and damaging […]

Do you know what goes on under the hood of your car? Do you know the solution for a warning […]

Computer Viruses are one of the biggest "bogeyman" of the Internet, and with attacks by Melissa, ILoveYou, Nimda, and Michelangelo, […]

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